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The DXN Beverage & Food product line includes a large amount of products. Especially the variety of coffees is numerous. DXN meets the needs of coffee drinkers with its quality coffee varieties that will suit the taste of almost everyone in the world. In addition to coffees, DXN is very assertive in the beverage group with its different flavored teas and natural fruit juices made from plant fruit extracts. In the food group, DXN is increasing its product range day by day.

Products available at DXN Turkey and Service Centers


DXN ZHİ Cafe Classic: The product consisting of unprocessed sugar, ganoderma and coffee is ideal for those who love coffee with sugar.

DXN Lingzhi 3 in 1: Composed of raw sugar, ganoderma, herbal cream and coffee, this product is DXN's most popular product all over the world.

DXN Black Coffee: This product, which consists of only ganoderma and coffee, is a product that is very popular with sugar-free coffee drinkers.

DXN Cream Coffee: It is a coffee with a delicious smell of ganoderma softened with herbal cream for sugar-free coffee lovers.

DXN White Coffee Zhino: It is an ideal foamy ganoderma coffee for those who love cappucino style coffee.

DXN Zhi Mocha: With cocoa, ganoderma, raw sugar and herbal cream, it is a coffee with gander for those looking for a delicious flavor.

DXN Cocozhi: A blend of high quality cocoa and ganoderma, a delicious flavor for hot chocolate lovers

DXN Lions Mane: A delicious three-in-one coffee blended with lion's mane mushroom


DXN Lemonzhi: A delightful blend of black tea, raw sugar, natural lemon powder and ganoderma

DXN Lions Mane Oocha: You should definitely try the lion's mane mushroom and oocha tea blended with herbal cream.

Fruit Juices

Morinzhi: Concentrated noni juice flavored with roselle and presented in a healthy glass bottle

Roselle: Those who want to learn that unprocessed sugar and hibiscus plant give a wonderful flavor can taste it.

Apple Enzyme: A wonderful beverage in which apple juice is fermented and converted into an enzyme store.

Apple Jam: It is possible to use this product, which is served as jam, by mixing it with your drinks.

Cordypine: A mixture of pineapple vinegar and cordyceps sinensis plant, you can find this product only at DXN


Spirudle: Noddle lovers can also note that this product blended with spirulina is produced without additives.

Zhi Mint Plus: A product with extraordinary effects, which we can define as a sugar-free candy made from mint and ganoderma. It is possible to buy in box and package form.


My name is Abdullah Murat Kahraman, I am an Environmental Engineer. After working in various companies, I founded my own company in 2007 and opened Turkey's first online shopping site on water treatment systems. Since then, I have been operating in the field of e-commerce in various sectors. I met DXN company in 2018 and we continue to serve as TurnaTeam team in this company together with our friends. Now I am the Izmir Service Center Manager of DXN, an international company operating in 190 countries. I am married and have a child




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